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Asian Techno Based IN Faridabad

We have well established calibration facility with NABL Accreditation in Mechanical

Dimensional Field: Micrometers(Inside & Outside), Calipers, Height Gauges, Dial & Bore Gauges, Plug & Ring Gauges, Snap Gauges. Measuring pins, Measuring Scales &Tapes, Levels, Bevel Protractors, Radius & Pitch Gauges, Test Sieves, Glass Scales, Profile Projectors, Surface Plates, etc.

We have the best Standard Equipment’s &a team of specially trained Engineers to reduce the uncertainty sources & help to provide best BMC & Quality oriented service, With a dimensional lab precisely held at 20°C, each of your tools is cleaned and inspected as part of its calibration. You get calibration data and recall notification as part of your service.

Pressure Indicating Devices

Hydraulic Pressure Digital / Analog Pressure Gauges, Compound Gauges, Pressure Indicator With Transducer / Transmitter Pressure Switch .
Pneumatic Pressure Magnehelic Gauges Differential Pressure transmitters, Low Pressure Indicators / Transducers Barometer.
Pneumatic Pressure Digital / Dial Gauge / Pressure Indicator With Transmitter / Tranducer, Compound Gauges.
Digital / Dial Vacuum Gauges / Transmitters / Tranducers, Compound Gauges.

Dimension (Basic Measuring Instrument, Gauge)

Calipers (Analog/Dial/Digital)Depth Mocrometer
External micrometerSetting ROds & Extensions Rods
Depth Vernier(Analog/Dial/Digital)Height Gauge(Analog/Dial/Digital)
3 Point MicrometerDial Gauge-Plunger Type(Analog/Digital)
Lever Dial GaugeBore Gauge
Plain Plug gaugePlain Ring gauge
Snap Gauges / Dial Snap Gauges / Width GaugesMeasuring Pins(Grade 1 & 2)
Thread Plug gauge(Effective Dia)Thread Ring gauges(Effectice Dia)
Taper Thread Plug Gauge (Effective Dia)Taper Thread Ring Gauge (Effective Dia)
Bevel Protractor Res : 1 minCombination Tape
Feller GaugeComparator Dial Stand(Flatness)
Steel Scale / Taper ScaleMeasuring Tape / PI Tape
Glass ScaleRadius Gauges
Thread Pitch GaugeSet Pitch Flank Angle
‘V’ – Block (Squareness, Parallelism, Symmetricity)Sprit Level / Frame Level
Test SievesPistol Caliper
Engineering Square / Angle Plates (Squareness)Surface Plate (Granite / Cast Iron Surface Table)
Coating Thickness GaugeCalibration Folis
Groove Dial / Leg Caliper (OD & ID) GaugeInternal Micrometer / Stck Micrometer (Including Extension rod)
Dial Thickness gaugesHeight Measuring System
Dial Calibration Tester / LVDT Probe With IndicatorCaliper Checker
Pitch MicrometerMicrometer Head
Parallel BlockUltra Sonic Thickness Gauge
Gauge Block SetUnivershal Length Measuring Machine

Acceleration & Speed

Tacho Meter (Contact Type)Stroboscope Tachometer (Non-contact Type)

Torque Generating Devices

Torque Wrench (Type-I Class B,C,D,E & Type-II Class A,B,C,D)

Dimension (Precision Instruments)

Height Measuring System.
Surface Plate (Graninte / Cast Iron Surface Plate).
Bench Center.
Centrifuge / Centrifugal Motor / Speed (Non-Contact).
Profile Projector / Video Measuring System / Micro Scope.


WeightsWeighing balances


MicroplateGraduated One Mark
VolumetricMeasuring Cylinder

Density and Viscosity

Density (Hydrometer)

UTM, Tension Vreep And Torsion Testing Machine

Force Measuring System Of UTM Compression Mode

Hardness Testing Machine

Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine.
Vickers Hardness Testing Machine.
Brinell Hardness Testing Machine.
Shore Hardness Tester.

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